Wedding Floor Wraps

Why a Vinyl Floor Wrap

Usually everyone has a theme in mind for his or her own wedding. It could be a contemporary or eclectic theme. If you have a dance floor in the venue, you will want to ensure that it matches the theme and décor. With our help, we can come up with a design that will go perfectly with the chosen theme. If there are floral patterns on the napkin, table clothes and centrepieces, why not put that same pattern on the dance floor? You can even customize the floor to display you and your special someone’s name across the floor. Imagine how everyone’s photos will turn out?

Piece of mind

Many of you may be thinking by now, “I don’t want to damage the Dance Floor!”. But that isn’t something to worry about on your special day. Our wraps can be removed without damaging the dance floor. This means that even if you are wrapping the floor at your venue or a rented dance floor, you will still be getting your damage deposit back.

Toronto Dance Floor Wrap 2

Some of our Venues